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Which Shorthand?

Short Hand Types

We teach Pitman Shorthand and highlight below some of the differences between the most well known forms of shorthand.

Pitman Shorthand

Pitman Shorthand is completely phonetic and is based on curves and lines of varying lengths, written on lined paper. Strokes are written thin or thick using either a pencil or an appropriate felt tip pen.

Although it is best to transcribe shorthand soon after it is written, it is possible to read Pitman shorthand some time later as it is quite precise.

Pitman shorthand can be used amongst longhand, while it is being learnt.

Gregg Shorthand

Gregg Shorthand uses outlines of words, sometimes following the sound of a word, and sometimes its spelling. It is difficult to read some time after writing.

The outlines are longer and less identifiable than Pitman Shorthand.

Teeline Shorthand

Teeline Shorthand is based on the standard alphabet. Word outlines are used and vowels omitted. It must be transcribed very shortly after it is written.